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Why choose YYC builders?

You pay only when the job is done and you are 100% satisfied.

We bring you through the entire planning and building process with us from start to finish. No payments are requested until you are 100% satisfied with your project!

We believe that our lifeline is engraved into customer satisfaction..



We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. We understand that our customers want the right person for the job who is qualified for the work being done. Our customers should know that we are fully certified to take care of any project you desire.



We offer FREE, simple no obligation quotes. Pre-planning a project is an important step towards making it reality, and we want to make sure that we offer our customers peace of mind by helping them create the most cost effective plan to make their money go the mile.


The price presented in your quote will be the same price on your invoice, unless there are changes requested during the building process. We guarantee this in all of our work. We respect your hard earned money, and want to provide a quality product and service for you and your wallet.



We stand behind our product and offer a 5 year Builders Warranty on all projects. If within those five years there are any issues with your new deck, fence, etc. we will come repair it for free. We stand behind the quality of what we provide to our customers because we only use the best quality materials so that your product will last for years to come.



All jobs are done efficiently and professionally to assure you project from start to finish is complete within a few of days. Most projects are accomplished within 5 days while maintaining the highest standards for workmanship.

We will assure quality and accuracy to make sure you can enjoy your project sooner with zero issues.



All decks with a surface height over 2ft from the ground require a permit in Calgary. This means that the majority of projects will require approved building permits from the City of Calgary.  We will take care of the permitting process for you and ensure that your project, like all others, meets or exceeds building codes.  



We have chosen to register our business with a Google account so that our potential customers can see the positive, verified reviews for themselves. With Google being the most commonly used platform to find local builders we want to give our customers the opportunity to view feedback from our recent clients. Maintaining a perfect 5 start rating with 23 and counting.  Sleep easy knowing you’re in good hands with YYC Builders.   Please search “YYC Builders” on google to see for yourself. 


All pictures used are projects built and completed by the skilled craftsmen at YYC Builders.

For full catalogs of completed projects you can visit us on social media @yycbuilders (there are social media logos on our contact form that will direct you to the pages!)

We would also be happy to send you a link to our completed projects albums stored on the Google Photo platform. Just send a request with your email address. 



We commit to providing a complete, professional, and fun experience from beginning to end. We do not call the job finished until you are fully satisfied with your build. At YYC Builders, we believe our lifeline is built upon happy customers. We aim to change the industry by providing peace of mind to our customers through quality, professionalism and communication. Our simple step by step process is focused around you and your needs, allowing us to do the work timely, correctly (the first time) safely, and giving you a quality product that will last for years to come!